Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm Here!

Wow, so I am finally starting my own Blog!  I had attempted before and never got this far, so here goes nothing!

I hope to be able to post my weekly ramblings of vintage hunting, for myself, my family and my business.  I am a work at home Mom and have been selling on eBay since 2007.  I started out selling my kids outgrown toys and clothes; then moved on to the abundance of pottery and glass I had acquired during my husband and I's jaunts to local know the scenario, you want one piece and they sell you the table full?One auction a box of jewelry caught my eye.  I suppose the memory of playing in my Great Grandmothers jewelry box triggered a need to take it home.  I won that auction and so the beginning of Dorees Birdsong.  The name is a conglomeration of my Maternal Grandmothers name, Doris, who passed away when I was 7 from breast cancer and my love of Birds.  After a few years of selling antique and vintage jewelry, I started to acquire a pretty nice stash of bits and pieces that I wanted to re purpose.  I started making my own wearable necklace, bracelets, and earrings towards the end of 2011.  Today I've sold about 150 artisan pieces.  As I feel the creative bug, I will share some of those items with you as well. 

I went to an Auction last Saturday and was able to pick up a few flats of jewelry.  Here is a sample of some of my favorite pieces:

I LOVE the bohemian style opaque green rhinestone earrings, as well as this hammered copper cross.

Nice 40s enamel and rhinestone combination brooch / pendant, large natural wood bead necklace and a Victorian goldfilled pin.

 Two pair of sterling silver earrings, one pair have glass cabochons embedded with glitter confetti.

Damascene bird bracelet, glass multicolor pearls, and a large movable owl silver tone pendant.

Two pair of cameos (these have a little lipstick or rouge on them that will be cleaned up before sale)

Two more damascene pieces, a knight on horse and a horsefly, an art deco rhinestone buckle and a thermoset green choker.

Large Coro beige plastic and rhinestone flower earrings, glass pearls.

Peru sterling silver handmade chain necklace, 40s ruby rhinestone brooch / pendant, Stratton unused powder compact.

Oh and I am ALWAYS on the lookout for handcrafted art...this week I found these two small oil painted flowers!  They have no signature, but are professionally mounted and I especially like the brown velvet on the frames.

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  1. You sold 150 pieces of vintage jewelry?! You must be a very good crafter. Creating saleable pieces of jewelry is not easy. You have to be creative. You must have an originality so that your product will stand out. These pieces of vintage jewelry you have here are gorgeous.-D & M Estate Buyers