Monday, February 25, 2013

Sets and Signatures...a Dealers Dream!

Doing a little happy dance after this Saturdays Auction!  Traveled 35 minutes up the road with promises of 'Lots of Costume Jewelry'...and boy was I delighted.  But before I get to the jewelry, I must note that Auctions are a social medium for us dealer types; and I welcome the conversation and excitement from those with similar interests as mine.  Haven't seen several of them for a few months....Mr Maryville, Little Don, Gene, Paper Lady, and Ms Parkville were a few at this weeks sale. Ms Parkville and I had a fine time with the jewelry, I should've taken a pic of her biting her nails from across the room.

Auction started out well with lots of room to breathe, they were begging for 1.00 bids and I picked up a 4' square of mounted and ready to hang pegboard (future sales booth) as well as a heavy staked sign (perfect for advertising my spring garage sale) for .50 each.

Another small piece of luggage

A carpet bag style purse

and a neat metallic threaded clutch purse

I could write a years worth of post from all the COOL items I find in sewing boxes and tins:

My GREATEST weakness.....BUTTONS!!!

A long piece of antique strass, some rhinestones & rivets and glass vials of seed beads, really got my heart pumping....

Look at the collectibles buried in the bottom of my sewing box, Indian seed bead decoration, baby rick rack, sticky gold leaf decor ribbon, needle books and wooden spools of thread...

Now the auctioneer decided to 'calm' things down a bit and have us all sit to sell the 'collectibles' about the front of the room...

I picked up this Art Deco glass ink wells and tray with several dip pens.

And the Jewelry!!!!
I had my heart set on this little bracelet earring set with gold stone inclusions and Haskell styling, there was even an extra earrings so I can make a necklace too!

Some genuine seashell pieces..

Art glass and crystal Japan set

Another piece I held my breath waiting on...An opera length Miriam Haskell necklace, along with Robert earrings and an unsigned brooch.

Green cluster earrings and multi-strand necklace, white milk glass w/ daisy clasp and molded celluloid rose set.

Loved this brown and cream glass pearl set...Ms Parkville ended up with the earrings and was kind enough to sell them to me (I owe her one)

Loads of designer Bracelets, three have matching earrings

Crystals....set on the left is signed Vendome

Charm bracelets, upper left is Art, lower left is Germany, the cha cha at the top is marked but missing lots of goldplating on the beads (I think they would've been nicer left as coral glass)

Seed beads anyone?  The center set is kind of gaudy, yet cool!

Loads of misc smalls...some for crafting.  Ms Parkville sold me that Coro Duette in the middle (so I owe her two)!  Am so happy, and can't wait to replace the three missing stones...

Three more necklace sets, a slide necklace with snake chain and four pair of gold or goldfill pearl earrings

And the FINALE!  A black and goldstone Venetian Art Glass Necklace and earring set!

Had so much fun Saturday! Too bad this next weekend doesn't look as promising for local Auctions :(

Antique Pharmaceuticals & Migraines Don't Mix!

I have been having a terrible time with headaches this winter.  I don't normally get a migraine but these have been MASSIVE and I blame it on the atmospheric pressure...Gotta blame someone...Well my lovely husband thought I could use a break from the continuing wrestling schedule; so he LET me go to a sale on the 9th.  I was all geared up to go, dropped off my youngest son at my parents and made the hour long drive down the road...I was a bit late for this sale, which is not my normal ritual (I like to be an hour early to really dig and write down my 'don't forget' items).  But I got there as the sale was starting and had to stand in a LONG line for a number...already a poor start to my day :(  I jumped into the hustle and bustle though, and saw a couple things to bid on.  I ended up with four flats of Antique / Vintage Apothecary and Medicine Bottles, Tins and Paper Packages.

Then it hit....a massive headache!!  I went and got a sandwich, thinking my breakfast bar may have not been enough; lunch at 10:30 am is not standard for me....but it didn't help.  I got hot and dizzy and decided I'd better find a chair.  Sent a few texts back and forth with my daughter, and decided it was best to come home, since sitting made if feel okay and standing did not.  Sadly, I didn't purchase anything else :(  Maybe something in those antique meds would've helped (tee hee).  I haven't done my research on these items, but sure hope they are a payoff for a short day!

Trophies and Suitcases

So I went back to the Auction last week (for the third time) on Friday morning, 2/15...was hoping for a few more pieces of Jewelry that the Estate Planner had promised me she'd bring.  She promises me this every time I see her so it was no surprise that she didn't have time to bring anything new.  I did however, have some time to sleep on a few items I'd seen the day before and decided to go back and see if they were marked down or still there....

They had an old crib and I had considered doing something like this.  But after closer inspection, the one for sale had corner posts and a scalloped top edge, so I didn't think it would look as nice.

A few other things like green glass/brass candlestick holders and an inlay table were gone...What I did buy the third time is this.

A box of Horseshoe Throwing Trophies from the 70s.  Now, I'm not 100% sure what I am going to do with them, but I told my youngest son he could have a few for his bookshelf when we repaint his room this spring.  They are metal and marble, not the cheap plastic like most trophies are made of these days.

And these two little hard suitcases....I have plans to add pretty stencils and use them in my home decor ...someday (mental project list)

Here's a sample of what I'd like to do...what do you think?

Vintage Train Case

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finally .....some Estate Sale Action!!!

Got to a home estate sale this morning...It was close by, and during the week, so I had time to go!  Yippee!  They had a table of craft grade costume jewelry to piece thru in little tubs, so you really had to dig.  When two people are standing next to you digging faster than you can see, it become tiring....but here is a sampling of what I found....

Several Art Deco rhinestone brooches, a few goldfill pieces, lots of rhinestones and glass beads...coin purse, buttons, compact

The little aqua choker can be redone, and I thought the sapphire crystals were pretty, although not too old....

Loving the carved green earrings....

Craft earrings, pearls, a goldfill mens ring, little owl pin

Here's a few more pieces....

Silver filigree, Victorian cut steel and leather piece, Art Nouveau dress clip, the little charm necklace has a hotdog, ice cream and soda pop, enamel lapel pins...

Molded aqua glass, two more Victorian Steel pieces, rhinestone buttons, a tiny airplane, blue/pearl stick pin, baby ring, mop clips

Odd cufflinks, heart shaped crystal drops, watch bands, the filigree earrings I LOVE!

Several old stick pins, some military pins and buttons, scrimshaw deer tie tack

A neighbor of mine, was at the sale at the same time as I and called me when we got home.  We decided to go back for a second round.  It was much quieter the second time. '
I had looked at this Bible Dictionary earlier and decided the map image on the cover was reason enough to purchase it.  There are several Illustrations inside too.  Copyright 1884.  I also thought this deck of 'Flinch' cards were neat; considering using them as display tags, but if I can find the rules I might play a couple rounds of 'Flinch'.

This little 'Friendships Token' book is petite, only a few pages, but it has some beautiful floral illustrations, so I scooped it up too.

I may go back in the morning and see what else they've added or marked down...looks like several auctions to choose from this weekend, so keeping my fingers crossed my boys will be in good health.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doldrums of Winter

Well here we are the first of February and I'm not doing nearly what I had hoped in the blogging world....I put on a pair of jeans this morning and pulled up the hair, but the creative juices just are not flowing.


Yes that's right, I hate the cold and I believe a little warmth to go along with the sunshine would help my mood a bunch.

A dear friend of mine took this photo for me this past fall....before the snow fell.  This is one of my artisan necklaces using a Victorian twinkle button as the focal, vintage frosted glass beads and little earrings and charms on the back clasp.

A nice lady from Virginia purchased the necklace back in November and sent me a message in January asking me to make three more similar necklaces.  The hunt was on for frosted glass beads...finally found them and have set to work putting together 5 more necklaces....

But in the meantime, my cousin had also shown interest in my first necklace, so I made her this similar design.  It was made with vintage smooth frosted beads, but similar concept....

So for the past week and a half I have been 'slaving' away at the new necklaces.  At first I wasn't sure I would like the idea of creating several with the same concept and elements, but after the assembly line got to going, I found it wasn't too bad.  Here is a sneaky peak at the last one in progress...

Do you notice a couple others in the upper left...yeah, that's my brain, working on other button focals and color concepts while I'm putting together these.  I have a hard time staying focused :)

And TA DA!!  The other four are I only hope that Ms Virginia is somewhat impressed, that's a pretty big challenge for me to fulfill.

Hope you all are having a nice warm winter, wherever you may be.  
There is a local auction on Saturday that the hubby told me to get my little butt over too, he has nicknamed me the Momma Bear this winter and says I am too grouchy, so he's hoping this will also lighten my mood.  With any luck I will bring back some treasures to share with you!