Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Heart Goes Pitter Patter

I always get a little giddy when I get to an auction and discover the cases have Antique jewelry pieces!!  This Saturday did not disappoint!
What jumps out to you in this picture?  Do you love to wear or recreate antique and vintage pieces?  Please share!!!
Peridot rhinestone hair pick, Bakelite bangle, art deco large rhinestone pin, sterling bar pin, long gold filled hat pins, two piece scabbard, richelieu red orange earrings, amber heart ring, brass thimble, faux tortoise links...
Carved bone buckle bracelet, goldfilled stick pins, two deco rhinestone brooches, reverse painted flower pin, deep red art glass (which I swear was brighter red yesterday)and crystal necklace, small goldfilled locket...
Portrait pin, rhinestone and pearl brooch, gold filled Bulova watch, tiny coral pin, garnet necklace... 
Sterling circle pin, green and red stick/hat pins, gold vermeil ruby brooch, leather coin purse, rhinestone dress clips, green glass brass brooch, silvertone flower link choker and earrings, goldstone cabochon... 
Black faceted glass earrings, green art deco art glass necklace, gold filled watch chain with heart fob, black onyx ring, gold vermeil ruby earrings (match brooch), small gold filled lingerie pin, gold filled tie clip and silver watch chain with long links and the green velvet dresser scarf...

I heard a new term this weekend...The pieces were all in glass display cases with a couple gentlemen pulling out the piece you wished to look at, I asked one of them if he could tell me what was in a black box that wasn't open...his response, 'Makeup Jewelry'.  I was a bit baffled and he pulled it out for me to look, it had a butterfly brooch, a reverse carved pin and a pair of dress clips.  I looked at him and asked 'What did you call it?' and he responded the same, the other gentleman corrected him and said 'Costume Jewelry'.  He just shrugged his shoulders, all the same to him.  

Found some new competition this weekend too, a 'new to me' couple were there bidding on the jewelry.  The man told me they sold on eBay too :(  Not sure if it's too bad for them or me, 'cause that location is always good for affordable jewelry pieces; and they'll likely encounter me again this season.

I also purchased a few more velvet dresser scarves in tie dyed watercolors, that I plan on incorporating in my photos; and a few vintage Valentines for pennies, picked up several more Valentines from the sale two weeks ago, so getting a small collection to list for next winter.

Took my two sons to this sale and I have to say they did fantastic!  Of course there was a playground nearby and Schwan's ice cream for them at the concession.  My eldest wanted me to buy him the coins and currency for sale.  I'm not an expert, so watched the gold coin sell for $450 and over 100 $2 bills sell from $5-$9 each.

I'll just settle for the few pairs of earrings and other 'crafty' baubles from this sale!  
Have a great day!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cold Sale Days!

I didn't go to this Thursdays estate sale :(  I decided it was just too much new stuff and a little too far from home, so we just ran errands instead.  I took my husband this time, and have nixed him from my Thursdays for the rest of the year.  I spend twice as much at the grocery store with him, and seem to get less done.

Anyways....ran to an Auction today and they started near the jewelry, so it made for a quick day!  Here's a few flats I brought home.

A few I had choice of and a few bought as a lot.  Weiss, Lisner, and Sterling with lots of unsigned goodies.

Lots of earrings, which is fine, because I do well with earrings.  And a few other odds and ends.

Flat of old glass beads.  I'll try to make something pretty with these :)

Glass clip on bird ornament.  Love my birds!

Not tons of stuff, but a little is nice when it's so darn cold still!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April estate sales

I have decided that for the little time it takes and the money spent that small estate tag sales are definitely a bonus for inventory and supplies.  I have hit several already this season but have been bad about taking photos before I sort them into my different bins and get them ready to list.  I did however, save out last Thursdays items for your viewing pleasure, it was a cold gloomy day with snow.

I felt like a little girl again when I spotted these fuzzy craft animals...But who could resist right?  I grabbed up this bag because it had the CUTEST little squirrels!

Isn't he adorable???

My eye has also been drawn to a lot of small gold frames and prints (check out my eBay listings for a couple more).  These are porcelain transfer printed cabochons on velvet.
These are made in Italy, brass metal over brown velvet with floral prints.

There are always fun little tabletop and vanity items:  Sheaffers gf pen/ pencil set, leather coin purse, Guiness Irish Whistle, Art Deco green hand mirror and some lace appliques that I have a project for.

Two milk glass makeup jars, jar of art glass beads and a Nova Scotia trinket box.

And of course, the jewelry...several affordable goodies this week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Creating and Shopping

I am so far behind already on my blog posts ...The spring like weather has improved my mood, so I have been creating some new pieces.  Here is a sampling of what's been going on in the studio.
Ladies watch case, glass pearls, bone rings, pocket watch hook make up the bracelet with mini pocket knife, faux coin, czech glass heart, crystal rhinestone and pocket watch key charms.

Glass beads on rosary style chain with repurposed clip earrings as dangle charms, necklace.

Repurposed Victorian three circle brooch with religious medals, crucifix cross dangles and carnelian glass beads.

Assortment of bits and baubles tassel on a seed bead necklace.

Repurposed eagle pinback, pocket watch t-bar and crystal drop necklace.

Loads of Victorian brass, mop, glass, rhinestone buttons, glass and mop pearl charm bracelet.

Rhinestone 3 to 1 connectors with blue crystal hearts and religious medal earrings.

Small leather coin purse with rhinestone button decoration on long chain.

Repurposed dress clips, pins and earrings in Art Deco crystal along with glass and baroque pearls, on a gf charm bracelet.

GF Etched ship locket (with vtg male picture) czech glass flower, aqua glass rosary beads and pocket watch chain fragment necklace.

Silver filigree fragment with smoky quartz, black glass, rhinestone and pearl bead bracelet.

Repurposed Victorian blue enamel bird pin, crucifix cross and aqua rhinestone necklace.

Repurposed enamel and marcasite bird pin, repurposed gf etched cufflink center connector and Italian art glass bead, necklace.

Repurposed silver bird brooch with rhinestones, accented with rhinestone fragments, necklace.

Of course, as I create I keep a running list of items that I would like to buy or keep an eye out for; so as tag sale season is opening up in our area, my mind is recreating all the little baubles I find.