Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April estate sales

I have decided that for the little time it takes and the money spent that small estate tag sales are definitely a bonus for inventory and supplies.  I have hit several already this season but have been bad about taking photos before I sort them into my different bins and get them ready to list.  I did however, save out last Thursdays items for your viewing pleasure, it was a cold gloomy day with snow.

I felt like a little girl again when I spotted these fuzzy craft animals...But who could resist right?  I grabbed up this bag because it had the CUTEST little squirrels!

Isn't he adorable???

My eye has also been drawn to a lot of small gold frames and prints (check out my eBay listings for a couple more).  These are porcelain transfer printed cabochons on velvet.
These are made in Italy, brass metal over brown velvet with floral prints.

There are always fun little tabletop and vanity items:  Sheaffers gf pen/ pencil set, leather coin purse, Guiness Irish Whistle, Art Deco green hand mirror and some lace appliques that I have a project for.

Two milk glass makeup jars, jar of art glass beads and a Nova Scotia trinket box.

And of course, the jewelry...several affordable goodies this week!

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  1. Your craft animals are sooooo adorable! You also have a great set of jewelries, jars, cups, and tabletops. I'm sure your customers had so much fun shopping at these stuff. I wish I can have one of those furry pals, especially the very cute squirrel. ♥