Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doldrums of Winter

Well here we are the first of February and I'm not doing nearly what I had hoped in the blogging world....I put on a pair of jeans this morning and pulled up the hair, but the creative juices just are not flowing.


Yes that's right, I hate the cold and I believe a little warmth to go along with the sunshine would help my mood a bunch.

A dear friend of mine took this photo for me this past fall....before the snow fell.  This is one of my artisan necklaces using a Victorian twinkle button as the focal, vintage frosted glass beads and little earrings and charms on the back clasp.

A nice lady from Virginia purchased the necklace back in November and sent me a message in January asking me to make three more similar necklaces.  The hunt was on for frosted glass beads...finally found them and have set to work putting together 5 more necklaces....

But in the meantime, my cousin had also shown interest in my first necklace, so I made her this similar design.  It was made with vintage smooth frosted beads, but similar concept....

So for the past week and a half I have been 'slaving' away at the new necklaces.  At first I wasn't sure I would like the idea of creating several with the same concept and elements, but after the assembly line got to going, I found it wasn't too bad.  Here is a sneaky peak at the last one in progress...

Do you notice a couple others in the upper left...yeah, that's my brain, working on other button focals and color concepts while I'm putting together these.  I have a hard time staying focused :)

And TA DA!!  The other four are completed....now I only hope that Ms Virginia is somewhat impressed, that's a pretty big challenge for me to fulfill.

Hope you all are having a nice warm winter, wherever you may be.  
There is a local auction on Saturday that the hubby told me to get my little butt over too, he has nicknamed me the Momma Bear this winter and says I am too grouchy, so he's hoping this will also lighten my mood.  With any luck I will bring back some treasures to share with you!

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