Monday, February 25, 2013

Antique Pharmaceuticals & Migraines Don't Mix!

I have been having a terrible time with headaches this winter.  I don't normally get a migraine but these have been MASSIVE and I blame it on the atmospheric pressure...Gotta blame someone...Well my lovely husband thought I could use a break from the continuing wrestling schedule; so he LET me go to a sale on the 9th.  I was all geared up to go, dropped off my youngest son at my parents and made the hour long drive down the road...I was a bit late for this sale, which is not my normal ritual (I like to be an hour early to really dig and write down my 'don't forget' items).  But I got there as the sale was starting and had to stand in a LONG line for a number...already a poor start to my day :(  I jumped into the hustle and bustle though, and saw a couple things to bid on.  I ended up with four flats of Antique / Vintage Apothecary and Medicine Bottles, Tins and Paper Packages.

Then it hit....a massive headache!!  I went and got a sandwich, thinking my breakfast bar may have not been enough; lunch at 10:30 am is not standard for me....but it didn't help.  I got hot and dizzy and decided I'd better find a chair.  Sent a few texts back and forth with my daughter, and decided it was best to come home, since sitting made if feel okay and standing did not.  Sadly, I didn't purchase anything else :(  Maybe something in those antique meds would've helped (tee hee).  I haven't done my research on these items, but sure hope they are a payoff for a short day!

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