Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finally .....some Estate Sale Action!!!

Got to a home estate sale this morning...It was close by, and during the week, so I had time to go!  Yippee!  They had a table of craft grade costume jewelry to piece thru in little tubs, so you really had to dig.  When two people are standing next to you digging faster than you can see, it become tiring....but here is a sampling of what I found....

Several Art Deco rhinestone brooches, a few goldfill pieces, lots of rhinestones and glass beads...coin purse, buttons, compact

The little aqua choker can be redone, and I thought the sapphire crystals were pretty, although not too old....

Loving the carved green earrings....

Craft earrings, pearls, a goldfill mens ring, little owl pin

Here's a few more pieces....

Silver filigree, Victorian cut steel and leather piece, Art Nouveau dress clip, the little charm necklace has a hotdog, ice cream and soda pop, enamel lapel pins...

Molded aqua glass, two more Victorian Steel pieces, rhinestone buttons, a tiny airplane, blue/pearl stick pin, baby ring, mop clips

Odd cufflinks, heart shaped crystal drops, watch bands, the filigree earrings I LOVE!

Several old stick pins, some military pins and buttons, scrimshaw deer tie tack

A neighbor of mine, was at the sale at the same time as I and called me when we got home.  We decided to go back for a second round.  It was much quieter the second time. '
I had looked at this Bible Dictionary earlier and decided the map image on the cover was reason enough to purchase it.  There are several Illustrations inside too.  Copyright 1884.  I also thought this deck of 'Flinch' cards were neat; considering using them as display tags, but if I can find the rules I might play a couple rounds of 'Flinch'.

This little 'Friendships Token' book is petite, only a few pages, but it has some beautiful floral illustrations, so I scooped it up too.

I may go back in the morning and see what else they've added or marked down...looks like several auctions to choose from this weekend, so keeping my fingers crossed my boys will be in good health.

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