Monday, February 25, 2013

Sets and Signatures...a Dealers Dream!

Doing a little happy dance after this Saturdays Auction!  Traveled 35 minutes up the road with promises of 'Lots of Costume Jewelry'...and boy was I delighted.  But before I get to the jewelry, I must note that Auctions are a social medium for us dealer types; and I welcome the conversation and excitement from those with similar interests as mine.  Haven't seen several of them for a few months....Mr Maryville, Little Don, Gene, Paper Lady, and Ms Parkville were a few at this weeks sale. Ms Parkville and I had a fine time with the jewelry, I should've taken a pic of her biting her nails from across the room.

Auction started out well with lots of room to breathe, they were begging for 1.00 bids and I picked up a 4' square of mounted and ready to hang pegboard (future sales booth) as well as a heavy staked sign (perfect for advertising my spring garage sale) for .50 each.

Another small piece of luggage

A carpet bag style purse

and a neat metallic threaded clutch purse

I could write a years worth of post from all the COOL items I find in sewing boxes and tins:

My GREATEST weakness.....BUTTONS!!!

A long piece of antique strass, some rhinestones & rivets and glass vials of seed beads, really got my heart pumping....

Look at the collectibles buried in the bottom of my sewing box, Indian seed bead decoration, baby rick rack, sticky gold leaf decor ribbon, needle books and wooden spools of thread...

Now the auctioneer decided to 'calm' things down a bit and have us all sit to sell the 'collectibles' about the front of the room...

I picked up this Art Deco glass ink wells and tray with several dip pens.

And the Jewelry!!!!
I had my heart set on this little bracelet earring set with gold stone inclusions and Haskell styling, there was even an extra earrings so I can make a necklace too!

Some genuine seashell pieces..

Art glass and crystal Japan set

Another piece I held my breath waiting on...An opera length Miriam Haskell necklace, along with Robert earrings and an unsigned brooch.

Green cluster earrings and multi-strand necklace, white milk glass w/ daisy clasp and molded celluloid rose set.

Loved this brown and cream glass pearl set...Ms Parkville ended up with the earrings and was kind enough to sell them to me (I owe her one)

Loads of designer Bracelets, three have matching earrings

Crystals....set on the left is signed Vendome

Charm bracelets, upper left is Art, lower left is Germany, the cha cha at the top is marked but missing lots of goldplating on the beads (I think they would've been nicer left as coral glass)

Seed beads anyone?  The center set is kind of gaudy, yet cool!

Loads of misc smalls...some for crafting.  Ms Parkville sold me that Coro Duette in the middle (so I owe her two)!  Am so happy, and can't wait to replace the three missing stones...

Three more necklace sets, a slide necklace with snake chain and four pair of gold or goldfill pearl earrings

And the FINALE!  A black and goldstone Venetian Art Glass Necklace and earring set!

Had so much fun Saturday! Too bad this next weekend doesn't look as promising for local Auctions :(

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