Monday, February 25, 2013

Trophies and Suitcases

So I went back to the Auction last week (for the third time) on Friday morning, 2/15...was hoping for a few more pieces of Jewelry that the Estate Planner had promised me she'd bring.  She promises me this every time I see her so it was no surprise that she didn't have time to bring anything new.  I did however, have some time to sleep on a few items I'd seen the day before and decided to go back and see if they were marked down or still there....

They had an old crib and I had considered doing something like this.  But after closer inspection, the one for sale had corner posts and a scalloped top edge, so I didn't think it would look as nice.

A few other things like green glass/brass candlestick holders and an inlay table were gone...What I did buy the third time is this.

A box of Horseshoe Throwing Trophies from the 70s.  Now, I'm not 100% sure what I am going to do with them, but I told my youngest son he could have a few for his bookshelf when we repaint his room this spring.  They are metal and marble, not the cheap plastic like most trophies are made of these days.

And these two little hard suitcases....I have plans to add pretty stencils and use them in my home decor ...someday (mental project list)

Here's a sample of what I'd like to do...what do you think?

Vintage Train Case

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