Friday, March 8, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

Sometimes when I list items, I don't always know how much they'll bring or if they'll sell at all.  Often I just think they are neat and take the chance when I purchase them that they will be favored by someone else.  So is the case with the vintage goldtone Gillette safety razor I picked up at an estate for $1.00.  That's right, I paid a $1 and figure that anything is worth the risk at that price....
So I listed the item this week on eBay.  Immediately I had 10 watchers and the questions...oh my the questions.  Will you sell it now at 9.95, will you accept a money order, will you be certain to sell it to me if it doesn't sell at auction, will you sell it now at 15.00, you say adjustable and I don't see the adjustment....Wowsers...that's only after a few days.

As a seasoned seller, I am aware that if buyers start to ask you to remove items at Buy it Now prices, they are usually willing to or have spent a great deal more for said item.  So it has always been my policy to not remove an auction listing for a buy it now offer.  It says so right there under the description of absolutely every item I have for sale...but still they ask, and often get testy with me.  I have great credit, I have awesome feedback, I'm trustworthy, I'm honest, etc....

So here is my item of the week that happens to be giving me a headache from all the little messages I am receiving....Now back to work,  I'll let you know later what the final sales price is for my $1.00 razor.

The razor sold for 33.00 on 3/12!

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